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New Year

During New Year celebrations, cow bell players walk through the village with their traditional bells, playing out the old year and playing in the new. The tradition begins at around 18.00 h (either in Schmocken or Waldegg). They march through the whole village, going from restaurant to restaurant and from hotel to hotel. Everywhere they stop, people toast the new year - or “prost!” as we say in Swiss German. Arriving at the last restaurant at precisely midnight, they ring in the new year and start a round of toasting. The interesting thing about this tradition is that only a young, unmarried man can be a cow bell player- a ‘Trychler’.

2nd Jänner-Bummel

Meaning the ‘2nd of January Stroll’ - this tradition is pretty self-explanatory. The music society travels through the village, traditionally playing in guest houses and toasting the new year. This January stroll is the first musical highlight of the year.

1st August Celebrations – Village Party in Beatenberg

The 1st of August is Switzerland’s national holiday. Almost every village in Switzerland celebrates this day by remembering the Rütlischwur oath taken in the year 1891 with traditional speeches, celebration, music and a lantern procession for children. In Beatenberg locals and guests celebrate this national holiday together at a convivial village party.

Autumn Cow Show with Miss Beatenberg Election

Each October, Miss Beatenberg is chosen at the Wydi car park. This isn’t your average election were the most beautiful girl from the village is chosen - Miss Beatenberg is a title awarded to the most beautiful cow. The process is much the same: the cows are washed and brushed before being presented to the audience in the ring. The farmer can’t influence the vote that could make their cow this year’s Miss Beatenberg. The cow is chosen by the audience, and wins a cow bell.

The autumn cow show is a highlight for many cow farmers. A cow landing a high ranking depends on a range of different factors, including number of points, milk production, milk content and when the cow has born calves. The autumn cow show is a special experience for locals and guests alike.

Saturday, 19th October from 10.00 h at the Wydi parking

Musically Guest Evenings

During the summer months, Beatenberg Tourismus organises a range of guest nights with various local assosiations. During these evenings we present Swiss traditions to our guests from all over the world. Prepare for yodelling and traditional dancing while the sound of the traditional Alpine horn sounds through the village for a special atmosphere.

In good weather festivities will take place outside on the square in the middle of the village. If there is a risk of bad weather the guest evening takes place in the congress hall. In the small restaurant guests can try a typical Beatenberg dried sausage or a cheesy bread ‘Chäs-Brätel’.

Dates 2019:

  • Wednesday, 17th July 2019 19.30 h Gemeindeplatz/Kongress-Saal
  • Wednesday, 21st August 2019 19.30 h Gemeindeplatz/Kongress-Saal
  • Wednesday, 11th September 2019 19.30 h Gemeindeplatz/Kongress-Saal

Chästeilet in the Justistal Valley

The traditional ‘Chästeilet’, or ‘dividing of the cheese’ is taking place on the Sypcherbeg in the Justistal Valley for over 300 years. During the Alpine summer, Alpine herdsmen make cheese from the milk from more than 250 cows. At the end of summer it’s divided among the farmers in a centuries-old ritual- the ‘Chästeilet’. The farmer can take home the proportion of cheese that corresponds with the amount of milk contributed by their cows. Finally, cheesemakers parade into the valley in traditional dress with decorated cows.

Friday, 20th September from 10.00 h Justis Valley


Bodenalp Chilbi Beatenberg

Each year the Beatenberg yodelling club organises the Bode-Chilbi in the area of Schmocken, ‘uf em Bode’ beneath the Vorsass mid station. The celebration begins with a church service at 10.30 h accompanied by music played by Beatenberg’s village clubs. Food is also provided, while a range of games take place from 13.00 h on.

This year the Bode-Chilbi celebrates its 50th anniversary. Join us on a diverified weekend.

  • Friday, 09th August 2019 - Anniversary Yoddeling Night from 19.00 h Bodealp
  • Sunday, 11th August 22019 - Bode-Chilbi with church service from 10.30 h Bodealp